Merck — West Point USW Local #10-86 Contract Rally Held Today

I am just dropping a lil’ squib here, to serve official notice: if any union members (or non-members) wish, anonymously, to inform us about how things are going on the ground, we will preserve your anonymity. That’s a promise — in our comment box.

This will also serve as a “stay-tuned” reminder — as this contract draws to a close — in ten days’ time.

So — do expect to hear more, at this address, as more develops (as it always does), with the USW Local #10-86, and West Point Merck management.

Know also — all you rank and file Merck workers — that this outlet appreciates the dedicated, professional and tireless work you do — to a person, we do. Onward — in solidarity. . . smile.


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