[U] Not Really O/T: Paleo-Biology 101 — What IS This?


UPDATED: It is. . . an artist’s rendering of a 300 million year old swampy-marsh dwelling vertebrate (or proto-fish) called Tullimonstrum Gregarium, or a “Tully Monster” (after the man who found the first fossil in the 1950s). It lived prior to the age of dinosaurs, and thus far (over one thousand fossils — up to a foot long — have been unearthed), found only in Illinois — some 50 miles southwest of present day Chicago. Here’s Nat Geo, on it all. Now you know — and happy St. Padraich’s — one and all! [Oh. I dyed him green, in honor of the great Saint. No one really knows what color he was. Begorrah!] Onward! [End, updated portion.]


Care to make a guess? [If you already know — you already know, right?]

I’ll post the answer, tomorrow — and no fair Googling. That’s cheating.


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