Valeant CEO Seems All Akimbo, In Latest Bloomberg Story, Here. . .

MRK-Valeant-BL-Pershing-2016 Following up on my post of two days ago, now. . . . Were I J. Michael Pearson, CEO of Valeant, I might worry just a bit that one of my own executives leaked portions of a confidential top brass only “clear the air” internal company session — to the press — primarily to “crank up the volume” on an emerging dispute between Pershing Square’s William Ackman, and Mr. Pearson, here. The goal of such an insider’s anonymous leak, of course, would be Mr. Pearson’s eventual ouster, by forces aligned with Mr. Ackman.

And yes — I now am mildly interested, since three years ago I suggested the basic strategic move Mr. Ackman currently favors. Apparently, Mr. Pearson opposes that move. This will be entertaining, if nothing else.

We shall see how it all plays out next Tuesday, on the oft’ rescheduled earnings call (now set for March 15). From the Bloomberg piece, overnight — a bit:

. . . .One thing Pearson said he wouldn’t do was pay off debt by selling one of its units, the vision-care business Bausch & Lomb. One of Valeant’s biggest shareholders — billionaire investor Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital Management LP — at a March 8 investor conference suggested doing just that. Mr. Ackman also raised the threat that if Valeant didn’t turn things around, the management could be replaced. Valeant announced this week that it will add a Pershing executive to its board, one among three new directors. . . .

As I say, do stay tuned — a fascinating chess match is now afoot, inside the Valeant board room. . . Onward!


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