[U] Merck And Sanofi Are In Fact Unwinding The 20-Year Vaccines Joint Venture

We mentioned this as a rumored possibility a little over a month ago (thus the graphic, at right –now confirmed, and updated).

Now it is official: the European JV between MSD and Sanofi for flu vaccines, primarily, is being unwound. And we believe just over over 100 jobs will be lost, primarily in the EU, as a result.

More soon — when time permits — but Here is FierceVaccines on it:

. . .”After carefully considering our individual strategic priorities, alongside the economic and regulatory environments for vaccine operations in the European Union, we have mutually agreed that it is in our best interests to manage our vaccine product portfolios independently,” the two companies said in a joint communique.

“We believe that focusing our efforts on opportunities unique to our respective companies will better position us to drive growth, execute in a more efficient manner and optimize vaccine coverage. By bringing vaccines more rapidly to market, both companies would deliver greater value to all stakeholders. . . .”

Okay — given that Merck is handling the Ebola vaccine alone, and Sanofi is running its own vaccine programs outside of the JV, already, this move does make economic sense. Having said that, over half of all the flu jabs sold in the EU last year were via this JV. So, there is quite a bit to unwind, yet.

Onward — on a perfect early March (throw-back) morning, here — hard to be downbeat. . .


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