As Predicted, Merck’s Lobby Spend Increased In 2015 — After A Few (Post S-P) Years Of Annual Declines

Even so, Kenilworth’s spend is still less than half of Pfizer’s annual lobbbyist spend. But as we’ve said, Pfizer’s current lobby-agenda faces significant resistance on the Hill — largely due to its tax re-domicile mega-deal ideas (during a Presidential election year). So, Mr. Read needs to spend heftily on that front, if he intends to get the Pfilergan deal closed, during 2016. [Thankfully, Pfizer has filed its year end reports on time unlike Q3 2015.]

As to Merck, in Q4 2015, the company spent on essentially the same initiatives it did in the first three quarters:

. . . .Trans-Pacific Partnership, data exclusivity for biologics. . . .

340B (no specific bill), Oncology education (no specific bill), adult vaccine policies (no specific bill), adolescent vaccine policies (no specific bill), DISARM (H.R. 4187), biosimilars (no specific bill), 21st Century Cures (H.R.6), FDA Regulatory Issues (no specific bill), general pharmaceutical industry issues, Innovation for Healthy Americans (no bill number). . . .

Comprehensive tax reform (no specific bill), international tax proposals (no specific bill), orphan drug legislation (S.1128), base erosion (no specific bill), territorial tax system (no specific bill). . . .

Medicare Part D (general education, no specific bill), changes to low-income subsidy structure in Medicare Part D (general education, no specific bill), Medicare Part B (general education, no specific bill). . . .

Intellectual property (general education), patent reform (H.R. 9, the Innovation Act; S.632, the STRONG Patents Act). . . .

Omnibus appropriations bill (general advocacy). . . .

Fairness to Pet Owners (S.1200), general animal health issues. . . .

So there you have it — and, to wax comedic for a moment — it pleases us to no end that Mr. Trump has thrown a hissy-fit (truly, do follow that link! Priceless!), and will “boycott” these last debates before the Iowa caucuses. He’s a piece of work, that guy — thinking he can dictate who gets to cover him, and what he gets asked, in a free speech enabled debate among candidates — silly lil’ xenophobic billionaire.

More seriously, we think it is bad for our Republic, generally, that he is even still being considered, by the electorate, however. But the summer convention will cure that — as will the sharp blades of the establishment GOP, we think. We don’t expect Mr. Cruz to survive as a candidate, through then, either. It will be. . . entertaining, at least. And truthfully, we think it now most likely that either Ms. Clinton (D), or Mr. Bloomberg (I) will be the 45th President of the United States, in any event. . .. Smile. Onward.


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