Other Than To Say My Heart Goes Out To Her Husband, I Am At A Loss For Words

And for those who know me well, that is very. . . unusual.

I will take no position on the allegations that her deceased daughter’s embolism was connected to a legacy Schering-Plough contraceptive product, and I will express no judgment about her apparently very carefully planned suicide — as an ultimate form of protest against what she apparently saw as the protectionist system med device makers enjoy here in the United States. Beyond that, I think all I can do is refer you to the Durango Colorado paper’s article — and express my condolences to her husband, and remaining family. Do go read it, even if you are not inclined to accept her theories on products liability. Her passing deserves note, given the attention she paid to orchestrating it:

. . . .In the days following her death, it became apparent that former Durango resident Karen Langhart took her own life after much contemplation and with hope of raising awareness about efforts to improve women’s lives.

Karen Langhart sent about 40 packages to family and friends before her death Thursday. Contents varied, but some were filled with mementos and others with information about her family’s foundation that was created after her daughter [allegedly] died from using NuvaRing, a contraceptive. Durango Herald staff writer Ann Butler received a package filled with a personalized card and letters Langhart said she sent to others. She also included books about other women who [she alleged] either died from or were harmed by use of NuvaRing, information about the family’s fight against drugmaker Merck, and a pin that the foundation gave to donors. . . .

Durango Herald staff writer Ann Butler received a package filled with a personalized card and letters Langhart said she sent to others. . . .

She was the mother of Erika Langhart, who grew up in Durango and died at age 24 of a double pulmonary embolism in 2011 while using NuvaRing, a contraceptive. Langhart and her husband, Rick, lived in Durango for more than 25 years before moving to the Phoenix area. . . .

Langhart’s foundation, Informed Choice For Amerika, raises money for research and education about women’s health, particularly the dangers of hormones like desogestrol in NuvaRing, a progestin that has been linked to blood clotting. She worked 16 hours a day, seven days a week for the foundation, Rick Langhart said during a phone interview this week. “She was so busy for four years,” he said. “I just kind of realized my position and supported her the best I could. . . .”
The Yuma [Arizona] Police Department confimed that Karen Langhart died Thursday from an apparent suicide in a hotel.

Karen Langhart was frustrated by the “walls” she encountered dealing with Congress and the pharmaceutical companies, her husband said. . . .

Oh my. Even so, I cannot imagine making a choice to take one’s own life, in these circumstances, as a form of protest. There — I am sorry — but I did say it. Wishing all people of good will a warmer and brighter new day, tomorrow. I’ll fall silent for the rest of the day — so travel well, and in safety, one and all. Tomorrow will be a better day.


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