Final Price Paid Not Disclosed — But Celgene Closes On Legacy S-P Facility: 556 Morris Ave., Summit, NJ

In due course, if I remember to spend a little time looking it through — I’ll try to figure out an approximate final price, from the tax bills, online in NJ — or Celgene’s SEC filings, but the sale of the legacy Organon/Schering-Plough Morris Aveneue has now closed. We have covered the various Morris Ave. property shuffles, since early 2009.

And at least somewhat as irony would have it, Carrie S. Cox — a Fred Hassan protégé, once again (this time as a director) has a hand in the control of this site. Here is a bit from the local news outlet:

. . . .Celgene Corp. has completed its purchase of the former Merck & Co. research and development complex in Summit, giving a new lease on life to the 1.3 million-square-foot campus as the biotech giant continues its expansion in the city. . . .

Onward — hoping that my Cubbies will ultimately meet the Mets, in a few days. A reversal of 1969, that would be. . . smile.


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