Passengers Arriving In US From Liberia Will No Longer Be Screened For Ebola: CDC

I offer this as some additional encouraging positive proof that the current threat has passed — at least as to the 2014 epicenter of Liberia — which has been completely disease free, since September 3, 2015.

U.S. Customs and other border authority agencies will no longer routinely screen arriving passengers from Liberia for the virus. Screenings will continue (at least for now), for passengers arriving from Sierra Leone and Guinea, however.

Here is the bit — as reprinted by Time magazine’s Monday edition:

. . . .Federal agencies have decided to end the mandatory screening for air travelers arriving in the U.S. via Liberia, effective Monday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Customs and Borders Protection decided to remove Liberia from its list of countries requiring additional screening, USA Today reports. The screening, in which travelers fill out questionnaires and have their temperatures checked, is currently conducted at five airports in the U.S. that service connecting flights from West Africa.

The World Health Organization declared Liberia, once at the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak, free of the disease earlier this month on Sept. 3. . . .

Onward, with a smile. . .on yet another perfect early fall Sunday — here, in the City of Big Shoulders. . . .


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