Former President Carter Receiving Merck’s Keytruda® — Investigational/Experimental Use; Off Label — For Brain Tumors

I half-wondered if Mr. Carter would receive the BMS (Opdivo®) or Merck (Keytruda®) breakthrough therapy, when I read of his interview, last evening, in the Gray Lady. Now we know — he will. And we may well see outstanding results, even for a patient in his 90s. It is indeed a heady time for science.

I’ll have more later — on a train, at the moment. . . This could be a nice institutional marketing coup — for Kenilworth, if he sees any progression free survival, of statistical significance.

Okay — do go read it:

. . . [The former President] immediately began treatment with a drug that’s new to the market. Carter is receiving pembrolizumab, better known by its brand name, Keytruda, according to the Washington Post. . . .

Of course, since the use is experimental — and prescribed directly by his oncologists — presumably without any input from Merck, proper, there is no off-label regulatory concern, for Merck. More soon… Onward — and we wish Mr. Carter the very best here.


2 Responses

  1. Is Oliver Sachs receiving Keytruda treatment?

    • Unless he self-discloses, it would be unlawful for anyone to say.

      I have no way of knowing — and I’ll ask we not speculate on a private matter about any patient, here.

      Thanks and… Namaste…

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