Glenmark Granted A July 28, 2015 Supreme Court Hearing In India — Ongoing Sitagliptin Wars

We have been following this battle for quite a while. It involves Merck’s right to protect its patents on Januvia®/ Janumet® — a leading diabetes therapy. The latest news here, is that India will entertain arguments from Glenmark, the object of which will be not only to sell off its existing finished drugs inventory, but to actually manufacture into new drug stock all the API (or raw materials) it now holds. Local reports indicate that Glenmark has on hand over 1,700 tons of API raw materials — which would result in vastly more than just the ability to stay on-market through November 2015 (in my estimation, at least).

This will be completely fascinating to watch — will the India courts still allow the production of what has been held to be infringing copycat drugs, against Merck’s patents, in order to keep reasonably priced generics on market, in India, where some 63 million people are afflicted with diabetes — and the vast majority of those cannot afford Merck’s branded therapies? We shall see. Here is a bit from the ever-informative India outlet, on it all:

. . . .A bench comprising justices Ranjan Gogoi and N.V. Ramana agreed to hear Glenmark’s plea on 28 July. . . .

On Wednesday, Glenmark said that it had over 1,700 tonnes of existing stock of raw material left, which would be wasted if it is not allowed to manufacture their anti-diabetes drug. . . .

Of course, we will report back any outcome from the July 28, 2015 proceedings in India. And now, rise & shine, all of good will!


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