Propecia® MDL UPDATE: Dr. Imperato-McGinley Agrees To Deliver Requested Finasteride Clinical Trials Documents

UPDATED | 06.13.2015 @ 8 PM EDT: In response to Mr. I — here is the letter/order mentioned below, as a PDF file. I obtained all of this from the US Courts’ PACER electronic filing desk — you need to sign up at the PACER virtual window, and pay ten cents a page for each download, via a valid credit card. As to putting the narrative together, it helps a lot to know what to look for — and how to read the context, into what turns up. Note that the PDF contains the case file number at the top of each page, in blue. That’s how you track a case’s progress — remotely. Now you know. As to the substance, I actually suspect not much new will turn up, in the good doctor’s files — at least not anything the plaintiffs’ lawyers haven’t already sourced from Merck directly, in all likelihood. Now. . . GO Hawks! End, Updated portion.

The June 19, 2015 previously-scheduled conference (and potential contempt of court hearing) in the US District courthouse, for the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn) is now postponed — to August, by agreed order.

The good doctor has agreed to turn over her documents. And the parties are speedily resolving their other production differences, we are told. There may still be some motion and briefing practice, as to a handful of of the issues remaining, but we will learn about that at the August 2015 conference. So, all as I predicted: no open fights, in Brooklyn in the near term.

. . . .An agreement has been reached with Dr. Imperato-McGinley, on the delivery of documents. . . .

So it goes. Onward. [Jurassic World was good fun, quite late last night.]

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