Fosamax® ONJ (Jaw Bone Death) Payouts Update

The payments — to approved class participants in the Fosamax® ONJ MDL — have recently begun to arrive in people’s mailboxes — coming from the escrow agent which disburses the agreed settlement funds Merck had earlier deposited.

Via the lead plaintiffs/plaintiffs’ steering committee firm’s website, then (as of mid-April 2015):

. . . .Plaintiffs Steering Committee (“PSC”) Lead Counsel Tim O’Brien announces that numerous settlement funds release applications have been received and approved by Merck and forwarded to the Escrow Agent. The Escrow Agent informed the PSC that it will begin wire disbursements on a twice-monthly basis for those settlement funds release applications approved by Merck. For each such disbursement, the Escrow Agent will email an escrow disbursement instruction form to the claimant’s counsel who will then indicate wire instructions which will then be returned to the Escrow Agents as all disbursements will occur by wire transfer. . . .

Here’s to wishing a safe and serene Mother’s Day, to one and all.

And to answer my anonymous commenter below, there is no analogous website, that tracks the Propecia® MDL, in the way the linked one above does (that is, no single plaintiffs’ firm of which I am aware runs one). So — mine is just a review of the electronic federal case file, in the Eastern District of New York — Propecia MDL, on PACER.


2 Responses

  1. Anything new on the femur fracture suits?


    • Actually, the federal femur MDL is in an ADR discussion… And, in California state court:

      ….As of March 31, 2015, approximately 515 cases alleging Femur Fractures have been filed in California state court. A petition was filed seeking to coordinate all Femur Fracture cases filed in California state court before a single judge in Orange County, California. The petition was granted and Judge Thierry Colaw is currently presiding over the coordinated proceedings. In March 2014, the court directed that a group of 10 discovery pool cases be reviewed through fact discovery and subsequently scheduled the Galper v. Merck case, which plaintiffs’ selected, as the first trial. The Galper trial began on February 17, 2015 and the jury returned a verdict in Merck’s favor on April 3, 2015. Two additional trials are scheduled for July and October 2015….

      May write a post on it, tonight.


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