Merck Chairman Frazier Named Chairman Of PhRMA — Replacing Pfizer’s Ian Read

I had repeatedly said that PhRMA would benefit from a more Zen-like leader — in short, a less autocratic, confrontational style of chairmanship. This is so, I think, on everything from India patent fights, to DC lobbying. I think a lighter, more elegant touch (that of Mr. Frazier) will better serve the various PhRMA constituent companies — than Mr. Read’s often ogre-ish, ham-handed ways.

And just today, that suggestion bore fruit. Here is the latest, from — do go read it all.

. . . .PhRMA, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America trade group, announced some changes at the top Thursday. . . .

Kenneth C. Frazier, chairman and CEO of Kenilworth-based Merck & Co. Inc., was elected chairman of the board [of PhRMA]. . . .

In addition, the Washington, D.C.-based organization elected George A. Scangos, CEO of New York-based Biogen, as its chairman-elect, and announced the retirement of [PhRMA CEO and President] Castellani, effective Jan. 1, 2016. . . .

So it goes. Onward, one and all — tomorrow is another day. May be offline tomorrow, for most of day.


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