Kenilworth Slightly Adjusts Its Lobby Spend For Q4 2014 — Increases By $30,000

This is definitively immaterial, but I did say I’d note any changes. So here we go. . . .

Apparently Merck didn’t include some $30,000 of the Q4 2014 lobby-spend on its filing in January 2015. So now the figure is $490,000 spent internally, at Merck — not $460,000.

It would seem that nothing else has changed in the latest federal LD-2 form. The internal amounts were spent on:

. . . .340B (no specific bill), National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act (H.R. 1074, S.539), Eliminating Disparities in Diabetes Prevention Act (H.R. 3322), Oncology education (no specific bill), adult vaccine policies (no specific bill), medication adherence, DISARM (H.R. 4187), ACA Implementation (no specific bill), Hepatitis C education (no specific bill), HIV education (no specific bill), MODDERN Cures Act of 2013 (H.R. 3116), biosimilars (no specific bill), Alzheimer’s education (no specific bill)21st Century Cures (no specific bill), general pharmaceutical industry issues and education. . . .

Comprehensive tax reform (no specific bill), orphan drug tax credit (S.1128), R&D tax credit (no specific bill), base erosion (no specific bill), territorial tax system (no specific bill). . . .

Medicare Part D (general education, no specific bill), changes to low-income subsidy structure in Medicare Part D (general education, no specific bill), sustainable growth rate (general education, no specific bill), Medicare Part B (general education, no specific bill), Preserving the Integrity of Medicare Act (H.R. 5780). . . .

Intellectual property (general education, no specific bill), patent reform (general education, no specific bill); General budget issues (no specific bill), budget reconciliation (no specific bill); Education on beta-agonists (no specific bill), education on antibiotics and veterinary biologics (no specific bill). . . .

We expect to have “rolled up” — client wide — Q1 2015 figures in about a week, so check back here for those, then. Now you know. Onward, then.


2 Responses

    • Thanks Tom — Yes, indeed.

      Mentioned it right here, as a new post, back on March 24, 2015.

      Do stop back!


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