Well — Vertex’s Q1 2012 Is Public. . . Incivek® Raked In $357 Million

Well, that IS interesting — Vertex just reported Q1 2012 sales for Incivek® were “only” $357 million. To be fair, here, though — that’s still selling at an around $1.4 billion a year pace. Wow. Could be that all the stocking orders are finally through the US system, and Merck will show proportionately lighter sales, in Q1 2012, too.

It is about $100 million lighter than the early launch quarters for Vertex were — in 2011.

. . . .Vertex reported total first quarter 2012 revenues of approximately $439 million, including net product revenues of approximately $357 million from INCIVEK® (telaprevir) and approximately $18 million from KALYDECOTM (ivacaftor). Royalty revenues related to the sale of INCIVO® in Europe by our collaborator were approximately $33 million. The company reported GAAP net income of approximately $92 million and non-GAAP net income of approximately $119 million, or $0.43 and $0.55 per diluted share, respective. . .

So, I guess we wait to see if Merck has been able to reach the $90 million barrier, in quarterly Victrelis® sales. Thus far, Merck’s high-water mark for any single quarter has been $87 million.

I’ll post on it, up or down, tomorrow morning.


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