BlackRock Has Upped Its Stake In Merck — To 5.75% — 175,312,709 Shares

Here is that latest BlackRock SEC Schedule 13 filing.

Meanwhile, the only other remaining shareholders known to beneficially own more than 5% of Merck, have each cut their holdings in the company — one very significantly. The big seller, for the year 2011, was Capital Research Global Investors (down from 5.3%, to only 2%, or now holding 60,246,383 shares).
Capital World Investors holdings are also down — from 6.8%, to 6.4% — a much smaller sell-off, and it still holds 195,693,450 Merck shares.

It should be noted that these figures were only current as of December 30, 2011, as SEC Schedule 13 rules only require year-end reporting. Even so, if all holders are complying with SEC rules, this means that the number of institutional shareholders owning truly massive stakes (north of 5%) in the world’s No. 4 drugmaker have been reduced from at least six in 2008 (counting both legacy companies), to two, at year end 2011.

. . . .Capital Research Global Investors is deemed to be the beneficial owner of 60,246,383 shares or 2%. . . .

BlackRock, Inc. is deemed to be the beneficial owner of 175,312,709 shares or 5.75%. . . .

Capital World Investors is deemed to be the beneficial owner of 195,693,450 shares or 6.4% of the 3,047,921,407 shares believed to be outstanding. . . .

Fascinating. For reference, here is last year’s Merck proxy disclosure related to these holders.


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