From The Sublime — To The Ridiculous — “Ice Cream Wars” — Schering-Style

I was going to leave this one well-enough alone, when I first saw it Sunday night, but it is a slow news day, and commenter asked after it. . . so, what the hey.

I’ll let all the other fine bloggers tell the back story (do go read, to understand) — but here are a couple quick (largely artless) renderings (offered as public domain, royalty free satires, for use, and rebroadcast, by the entire wired world!), to match a commenter’s suggestions, below.

From this Pharma Marketing blog:

. . . .you don’t have to take it lying down is how Schering-Plough views it. That company has denied Massachusetts, Vermont and Minnesota doctors a scoop of ice cream on a cool autumn afternoon in Boston! Dude, that’s rad! Here’s a sign seen at the ACEP Scientific Assembly in Boston. . . .

[That blog Hat-tipped Whitecoat — who had the orginal picture — of the sign, not my photoshoppings — and story]:

. . . .The exhibit floor was busy. Everyone walks around looking for free pens and other trinkets. When I called home, my kids didn’t tell me how much they missed me, they asked me what I got them. . . .

My suitcase is going to be stuffed full of junk just to make them happy. Funky pens. Highlighters. Yo-yos. Bags. Thanks to all the vendors for giving me FOUR of everything to avoid fights when I get home. . . .

The legal picture of the day was at an ice cream stand. Sorry you docs in Minnesota, Vermont, or Massachusetts. Either your butts are too fat or there is some legal decision stating that ice cream cones may unduly influence your decision to prescribe medications. . . .


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